SAVE $1.00 with Blue Moon’s Recycle Program

BMrecyclePurchase our 375 ml or 200 ml bottle and continue to use the same bottle over and over. Not only is it better for our environment- you are saving money each time. You don’t have to refill it with the same thing each time- change it up with over 50 different selections in our store to chose from!


All we ask is that you wash and dry your bottle with these easy steps…

1. Remove the blue foil seal completely off the bottle’s neck

2. Remove the cork or pour spout

3. Remove the label on the back of the bottle (This step is not necessary, but an easy way to removes from glass bottles is to soak them overnight in a container of water)

4. Rinse inside of the bottle with warm soapy water

5. Place bottle (upside down) in your next dishwasher load

6. Allow bottle to dry thoroughly

Bring you clean bottle in for a refill and SAVE $1.00 off your next purchase at Blue Moon Premium Olive Oil & Vinegar!

4 thoughts on “SAVE $1.00 with Blue Moon’s Recycle Program”

  1. Are you still using the recycle program during the pandemic? I have a few bottles I want to bring in for refills, but I wanted to make sure before driving to Bordentown.

    • Thanks for asking! Yes, we are still allowing refill of bottles for a $1.00 off your purchase. During the pandemic, our sales associates will refill the bottles for you. Hope to see you in Bordentown.
      Thank you!

    • Hi Nina,
      Thank you for your inquiry regarding our Recycle Program. The intent of the program is for customers to reuse or refill bottles with a product of their choice during their next visit to receive a dollar off the next purchase. If you don’t intend to refill your bottle, you can recycle as you would any other bottle.
      Hope that answers your questions.
      Thank you,
      Blue Moon


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